Your team did a fantastic job at our surprise 50th Birthday.

Darrin showed up on time to start setting up. Jan and Bruce arrived, introduced themselves and were ready to start the night as the first guest arrived.

The personalized fake money was a nice touch!

Our guests were both new & experienced at Blackjack & Craps and they both commented on how much fun they had.

One guest mentioned that Bruce remembered everyone's name!

I'll be sure to recommend Funtastic Events to anyone looking for a great addition to their party.
Thanks Again!

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When you make the decision to throw a Casino Royale theme party, you will certainly be raising the stakes quite a bit!

casino royale theme partyThis is certainly the ultimate game night for your friends, family, and even your co-workers, and it brings all sorts of James Bond-type thrills right into the real world. With games such as Roulette, Spin-the-Money-Wheel, and Blackjack, you’ll be guaranteed all sorts of memories that you’ll never forget.

This kind of themed party essentially allows you to recreate all of the famous casino scenes that can be seen in many different James Bond films, meaning that it’s a party that has a great deal of class attached to it.

All of your guests will be dressed to impress, the room will have chandeliers, and a bartender will even be on hand to mix drinks for everyone. Even better is the fact that a waiter will also make the round to offer champagne and canapes to your guests as well.

What Should be Worn?

This is the sort of party that guests should consider showing off at rather than just showing up to. It’s really a great way to bring people together for a night of casino-type fun, as well as looking as good as possible.

casino royale themeAlmost everyone has some kind of nice suit or dress that they wish they could wear as often as they want to. This kind of party would be the best setting for them to do that.

Men should consider wearing tuxedos, though the style is pretty much up to them, whether it’s more classic or vintage.

However, make sure that they know that they don’t have to stick to something rather traditional – they can spice things up a bit if they wish to do so, such as wearing a white tuxedo!

For women, it’s much more simple – the more glamorous, the better! Basically, long cocktail gowns with a great deal of sparkle and sequins.


You should do your best to hire only the finest casino tables and croupiers for your party. Be sure to browse around, as you will find that prices can be extremely competitive depending on the company that you choose to go with.

When you follow all of these steps, your party is sure to be a real success once everything is all said and done!


For your next Christmas party, why not host an event that everyone will be talking about for months to come?

A casino party from Funtastic Events will be just that – fun, exciting and memorable – and without all the work and hassle you atlanta christmas entertainmentwould normally have to put in for such an event.

Atlanta Christmas entertainment is what we do best and we want to make your party a fun holiday tradition!

We offer all of the following elements and more to make your event a success:


Casino Party – Includes Casino dealers and games, fun competition and best of all, prizes! Schedule your Atlanta Casino Party today.


A DJ or pre-recorded to liven up the atmosphere and get everyone dancing.


Dazzle and confound your guests with mind-boggling illusions! You may choose either a Strolling Magician or a Magic Show.

Caricature Artistscaricature artist atlanta

Create fun portraits for your guests that they can take home with them.

Celebrity Impersonators

Be entertained by Elvis with a 45-minute show, followed by a photo session meet and greet.

Fortune Tellers

Tarot, crystal ball, palm or card readings for guests to hear about their future.

Handwriting Analysts

Our Handwriting Analysts can tell personality traits and tendencies through a sample of your guests handwriting.


Atlanta Holiday PartyAtlanta Holiday Party Themes – Holidays are arguably among the best times for companies,  families and friends to arrange a get together.

For bosses it can also present the opportunity to celebrate a good or a successful year with their staff and customers as well.

It is a good idea to plan for the Holiday Party in between the months of March through to September. By the beginning of October it can be really hard to find a venue suitable for hosting your celebration, especially if you have a large group.

At the moment these three seem to be among the most popular themes are:

The Atlanta Casino Party Theme

Using the theme can allow people the joys as well as the thrills of playing as if they were in a real casino.

atlanta casino partyPeople should book their party early in the year so that they and their guests can try their luck whilst they party.

Those booking the parties can order a variety of games, and the casino staff can even teach guests how to play those games,

It is a theme that guests will find exciting, and they even have the chance to go home after winning prizes.

The casino dealers are there to make sure that people enjoy themselves even if they do not win.

Christmas from Across the Globe

Instead of having a Christmas party like anybody else give your party an international feel to it.

Choose items for your menu that reflect traditional dishes from around the world such as a Hungarian Goulash or from Italy,  Abbacchio Al Forno Con Patate (Roasted Lamb and Potatoes).

A Masquerade Ball Themechristmas party atlanta

Actually this theme can pretty much fit in with any season of the year.

The costumes and the masks can be given a Christmas style, and it can make the party more exciting than a simple fancy dress theme.

So, no matter what Atlanta Holiday Party Themes you choose, you group will have a great time.


College Party ThemesWhat student doesn’t love a party and college parties with a theme has to be the ultimate event. It is a great chance for people to get dressed up and be as creative and even daring as you want. There are so many different college party and once you have decided on one, make sure that all the invitees know it is compulsory to dress up and bring their sense of fun and adventure along with them.

Deciding on a theme, what costumes to wear and what decorations will make your party the best is almost as exciting as the party itself. Have a look at our ideas to make your theme party be the college event of the year.

Casino Party

party themes collegeIf you want to be the talk of the school for all the right reasons, a Casino themed party will make that happen.

Think glitz, glamour and excitement when doing your planning.

Roulette and craps are essential for your casino theme as are card games.

Casino tables and a Pit Boss can be brought in by a professional casino party company.

You will just need to find volunteers or Pledges who will run the tables for you.

What To Wear

Once people hear casino party they seem to go racing to grab their best Elvis impersonator outfit. It may be best to let the male invitees know that a suit and tie or smart casual costumes may be best as the last thing you want is a room full of Elvis impersonators.

What girl doesn’t love the chance to get dressed up and a cocktail theme will give you the perfect opportunity to ask the girls to dig out their finest gowns or those cocktail waitress outfits that they have in their closets. After all, the aim here is to distract the male opponents at the Craps table.

The Wild Wild West

college theme partiesFirst you will need to set the mood here by bringing in some cactus.

Whether you want real or not is up to you, but do remember that alcohol and cactus may end up in some less than desirable situations!

Wall clings which feature cacti in all it’s glory as well as fake plants would probably be a much safer option.

Poker tables and hay bales are the perfect option to add some authenticity to your party.

What To Wear

This is actually a really easy one for the guys. A cowboy hat teamed with a checked button up shirt, blue jeans and cowboy boots are all that is needed although for the more adventurous guys who want to nail their look, chaps would be ideal.

Why not go to a whole other level and pick up a pistol belt and fake pistol? A vest and a long duster will get you the complete cowboy look.

Even though the guys have got it easy with their costumes, the girls can have a whole heap more fun. Saloon girls, Annie Oakley and Daisy Duke will ensure that every male within the vicinity is looking at you. A knotted shirt and Daisy Dukes is almost guaranteed to be the most popular outfit there.

Flappers and Gangsters Party

Flappers and Gangsters PartyNo gangster as the word is used today but from back in the 1920’s with all the glitz, glamour and glory that went along with it. For many guys, the gangster life seems perfect. Think of luxury which has involved no hard work as well as being the ultimate tough guy lifestyle.

Gangsters frequented hidden away venues – called a speakeasy – where alcohol was served illegally due to Prohibition. So having your party take place in one of these hidden locations will be perfect.

To get all your guests in the mood, you will need to make sure you have everything just right by making sure you have these things:

Every invitee of the party will need to be given a secret password that they must say to gain entrance. It sets the mood perfectly but also makes sure that any unwanted guests stay out.

Ask a friend to be your “bouncer” for the evening. They will be the one who stands at the main entrance of your Speakeasy and whom the guests will utter their password to.

Great music from the 1920’s will set the mood so make sure your sound system is playing some smooth Jazz.

Finding old fashioned kegs online is pretty easy and they make great decorations as well as being useful for somewhere that guests can place their drinks. You will need a bartender who will serve your guests drinks as a Speakyeasy was not self serve so this will only add to the authenticity.

college party ideasWhat To Wear

Gangsters were smartly dressed in pinstripes suits, a shirt and tie as well as a fedora to top off the look. It was very simple so it will be easy for any guest wanting to come as a gangster.

A 1920’s Flapper was quite rebellious, so attitude will go a long way here. Short skirts, feather boas and low bust lines was the look back then. Pinned up hair, dark eyes and lips that were accentuated was the look of the day. So be sassy, excited and overconfident and you will play the part perfectly.


A casino themed party is a fun way to celebrate the milestone 50th birthday.50th birthday party ideas

This birthday should be a happy occasion, one you’ve likely been looking forward to for the entire year and it’s important to memorialize the day with a celebration that your friends and family will remember.

A casino party can help you celebrate the wonderful memories you’ve had with your friends and family while also allowing you to make more memories during your celebration.

Planning Ideas

casino party atlantaIf you’re planning a 50th birthday for someone else, you may be considering a surprise party.

Just keep in mind that surprise parties require much planning between you and the other guests to keep it a secret until the big day.

If you’re planning your own party, do everything to make it a happy occasion as reaching this milestone is truly a reason to celebrate.

Consider the food you want, games, music and guest list. Plan each of these ahead of time so that you don’t have any last minute surprises.

What to Have for a Successful Casino Themed Party

Most importantly, you want casino games at your party. Hiring an Atlanta casino party company can offer an evening of fun for everyone.50th birthday party themes

Hiring a DJ is also a good idea to ensure that guests have great music without anyone having to worry about playing the music themselves.

For other fun activities you can hire a caricature artist to draw pictures of you and your guests. A magician who does card tricks and other small tricks can be fun for all ages.

Foods that can be held and eaten with the hands are usually better than a sit down dinner for this type of party. The birthday cake design and flavor is also a big deal as it’s one of the most anticipated parts of the birthday party.

The 50th birthday is a big deal and it’s the perfect time to work with a cake artist to design to cake of your dreams.


Party hosts who wish to create immediate impact and lasting memories for their guests can do a lot worse than organize a hollywood theme partyHollywood themed event.

This would be especially apt for visitors who are truly into movies and are heavily influenced by all things glamour.

Should this be the case, and then your party is guaranteed to be remembered not simply for its celebratory reason, but also for the terrific fun it provided to all those present.


Often underrated, the invitations are actually the entry-level part of the event, and as such are crucial for setting up the mood of the celebration.

Create yours with the old-school Hollywood opulence in mind. Don’t skimp on the sparkle and shine and use glittery paper in gold, bronze or silver to make them instantly noticeable.

Hollywood Theme Party ideasDressing-up

Movie characters costumes or film stars attires would be the natural choice of dress, so feel free to motivate your guests in this direction.

Ensure you have enough make-up products and accessories on standby for those who might need a little extra assistance with their makeup on the spot.

Roll out the red carpet

Nothing quite says exclusivity like a red carpet entrance.hollywood party ideas

Most fancy dress stores will be able to provide you with one, so make a full use of it and allow your guest to make a memorable appearance.


Streamers, ribbons and garlands in gold and pink will transform the venue to a Hollywood hall of fame.

Use balloons and swanky table runners. Accessorize further with flowers and ornaments displayed on the tables.


hollywood themed partyNo Hollywood theme event will be complete without an Elvis impersonator and fun casino party, so make sure these are included in the entertainment.


Your guests might turn into movies stars a night, but they will still need to be fed, and well.

Platters with plenty of canapés, scrumptious hors d’oeuvres and desserts will provide nourishment and enough energy for everyone to last the night in top form.


A video camera and operator, and interviewer and celebrity interviewee will complete the Hollywood setup of the night for an authentic stardom experience.


With the “Great Gatsby” film being as successful as it was just a few short years ago, it should come as no surprise that there are Great Gatsby Themed Partymany people who are obsessed with a lot of things from the 1920’s – more specifically, the glamour and festivities from that era.

Chances are you’ve likely seen the film and are now thinking of hosting your own “Great Gatsby” themed party. If this is the case, here are some useful tips that you should make note of to ensure that your party is a successful one.

Time of Day

This type of party should always be held starting in the evening. If you wish, it can go on until late into the night. Generally, your party should start at around 8:00 PM. If your guests decide to arrive fashionably late, even better!

great gatsby casino partyVenue

Consider a venue that has both indoor and outdoor spaces available while, at the same time, keeping your budget, guest list, and the weather in mind.

These spaces will allow room for all sorts of activities and entertainment, as well as an acceptable flow of movement between all of your guests.

Guest List

If your guest list is under 50 people, it’s a good idea to think about hosting your party at your own home. Anything over that amount will re

quire a larger space, preferably a location that you can rent out.

Sending out Invitations

Your invitations should be sent out approximately six to eight weeks before the actual date of your party. Since this particular typegatsby theme party of themed get-together will require guests to obtain themed outfits or costumes, this will give them an acceptable amount of time to RSVP while being able to find something to wear at the same time.

Look of the Invitations

The invitations themselves should have an art deco look to them to go with the overall theme of the party. This means that your invitations should contain the following design elements:

  • Geometric lines
  • Arches
  • Patterns
  • Gold accents

Party Decorations

The best way to decorate for your party is to first watch the “Great Gatsby” film and basically copy what you see there. Of course, you can also take inspiration from what you see and come up with your own unique ideas as well.

great gatsby party ideasEntertainment for the Party

This is perhaps the most important factor to consider. Whether it involves plugging in your iPod or hiring a live band, the entertainment should consist of classical music, jazz, and remixes of great 1920’s tunes.

Additionally, you could also look into hiring a professional gaming company to bring in gambling tables for your guests to play at, which will help add an extra element of fun to your party.


Small bites and canapes should be the main things that you plan for your menu, as this will give everyone a chance to have something small while they still continue to dance and mingle with one another.

You should never plan for your guests to stop having fun just so they can stop to sit down for a big meal.


If you are left with the task of coming up with all the ideas of a good Christmas party, you are probably faced with the pressure of making it successful.Company Christmas Party Ideas

Of course you want to have a party filled with people in this busy time. In forming your company Christmas party, you are competing with other events that others may prefer to your invitation.

It might be a little challenging to get employees that are stressed out from the workplace to attend the party, especially if they are tired of the tradition. There’s got to be more to an office Christmas party than just sitting around a flashing Christmas tree with shortbread cookies and beverages.

Therefore, you are left with the challenge of putting together a highly attractive and exciting company Christmas party.

Here are some helpful tips:

Move away from the office

This is one of the rules that you can’t break. A successful Christmas party must be ran away from the office.

The rest of the tips are mere suggestions which would not determine how fun your end of the year event. All of these tips will be overshadowed by the office, because people will be more likely to talk about work than to have Christmas party.

gatsby themed partyBase the party around a theme

These parties should have a theme that could get people involved. One theme could be the Casino Party Roaring Twenties.

This allows guests to be creative and put together period costumes that are reflective of the 1920s.

Break away from the mold

One thing you don’t want to do is be the same. You don’t want to be the same from one year to the next. You need variety. This also includes being unique. This makes sure that people won’t be bored with your Christmas party.

Your party should be treated more as an event. One thing you could do is some kind of casino night. The only thing is that it has to be something that all people can do so that no one would be left out.

Find a Location

One very important thing about a Christmas party is location. A lot of people will be relaxed in their appearance. If you want people to dress up, then you should pick a good location that encourages people to dress up.

Have An Extended List of Guests

One mistake that parties make is that they only allow the workers to show up. In order to make the party more attractive, it is holiday party themesbetter to expand the guest list to include families and friends as well as extended family, and neighbors among others.

This allows workers to meet new people. This also allows people to talk about topics other than work. They can laugh and tell funny stories.


One thing that could encourage employees to show up is to have a chance at winning prizes. There needs to be a good combination of comfort as well as excitement. This will encourage the employee to attend as opposed to trying to find an escape from the occasion.