Your team did a fantastic job at our surprise 50th Birthday.

Darrin showed up on time to start setting up. Jan and Bruce arrived, introduced themselves and were ready to start the night as the first guest arrived.

The personalized fake money was a nice touch!

Our guests were both new & experienced at Blackjack & Craps and they both commented on how much fun they had.

One guest mentioned that Bruce remembered everyone's name!

I'll be sure to recommend Funtastic Events to anyone looking for a great addition to their party.
Thanks Again!

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The holidays can be a great time to show employees how much you appreciate them. After all peoples’ hard work is not always recognized even when it has been noticed.

employee-appreciation-ideasYet been recognized is something that employees like done for all their efforts. It feels good to know that their efforts are noticed and that their work is appreciated.

Further more surveys indicate that employee recognition is undeniably linked to their satisfaction levels meaning they will willingly work harder as well as been less likely to leave for another job.

Employers that lose invaluable workers by not showing enough recognition would only have themselves to blame.

Employees like to feel and hear the appreciation of their boxes and their companies. The point is simple to understand show gratitude to your workers and in turn raise their level of morale.

Basically expressing appreciation by the end of the year is a way of saying a great big thank you that means a lot to your workers. The more sincere the gesture the better it will be received.

The holiday period may be the best time to show appreciation.

Hold an Employee Event

Arrange something special for your employees, so that they know you are rewarding them for all their efforts over the course ofcasino-night-party-theme the past year.

One of the most fun and entertaining ideas is to hold a casino night party theme when your employees can have a gamble or two as well as a good time.

The Casino Fun Party will allow your employees to feel as if they are in a real casino, except without losing real money.

Many employers will raffle off prizes at the end of the event, depending on how many chips they’ve accumulated from the casino night party.

An Appreciation Dinner

Great food and good drink as part of an appreciation dinner is another great way of awarding your employees.

Amidst the fine dining give out awards to your employees, make speeches and consider providing entertainment as well.

Film and Pizza

Sometimes the appreciation events that work the best are the ones that are spontaneous and not planned at all.

With only a little warning close your business early for the day. Then go down to the local pizzeria and pay for everyone to have a pizza.

Afterwards give everyone a voucher to watch a film at the local cinema.


Poker Charity Event – Are you affiliated with a non-profit organization?

Do you know someone who is?poker charity event

If so we have some fun ideas for creative and memorable Atlanta charity events.

How about a fabulous, casual Texas Hold’em style poker charity event which is open to all and involves no pressure?

First up be aware that participants can arrive at different times. This is very common especially at fund raising events. For this reason you are advised to start your welcome reception thirty minutes before your event to make sure all the late comers can arrive and find their bearings.

Get a nice big room for the event. Poker tables take up a lot of space so think about where your pre-game reception area will be and if it will be big enough.

Start the event off with telling the guests about your non-profit organization’s recent activities and achievements. Let them feel that their support both now and in the future is important and it keeps them informed.

You don’t want people to be put off from participating if they have little or no experience of poker. Emphasize how easy the game is at the more basic levels.

atlanta charity eventsHave a more seasoned poker player on each table so they can deal cards, monitor betting and explain the rules as and when necessary.

Complement this by having copies of the rules and the winning hands sequence on each table so that beginners aren’t left wondering what to do.

Someone from your organization should act as Master of Ceremonies (Emcee). They will give an overview of the rules of the tournament, watch the time in order to rotate the poker games and answer any questions that may come up.

If players lose all their allotted poker chips before the event is over have a plan in place to re-stock so that players can continue to enjoy the event.

Restaurants in the local area will appreciate the opportunity to boost their public relations profile by being affiliated with your event. They can provide gift certificates for you to raffle at the end of the night. Make sure you explain what your organization does in detail and describe what their support will mean to you.

Key Tasks

Create an organizing committee and give people roles and responsibilities. For example someone should be in charge of food and drinks and another person should be in charge of securing and renting the venue.atlanta-poker-charity-event

Ideally you should aim to secure a public function hall that will donate their space for the benefit of your organization. Assign someone the responsibility for the raffle and auction prizes and how that part of the event will be run.

Set an entrance or ticket fee to the event, aim for around the hundred dollar mark. Make invitations and tickets to distribute to people who are coming.

The invitation should include a description of the event. This process will allow you to get a rough idea of how many people will be attending your event.

Base your organization of the size of the function room around pre-paid guests and leave room for a few late arrivals and walk-ins on the night. Have some staff on hand to deal with tickets, payments and to hand out raffle tickets.

If your situation allows you might be able to arrange the sale of food and drink within the function hall. Try and secure your food and drink for free as much as possible by canvassing local businesses. You may also decide to offer food and drink as included in the ticket price.

charity-event-prizesSecure attractive raffle and auction prizes for free. Canvass local shops, restaurants or hotels and ask what packages or gift certificates they would be willing to donate as prizes.

Try sports venues too who may be able to donate memorabilia, golf course or tennis court access or season tickets to events. You should be aiming for between seven and ten raffle items although if the fundraiser is bigger you may require more.

High-end items such as weekend getaways, golf carts and vacation packages could be available to donors via live or silent auction so more funds can be generated.

Buy a big roll of raffle tickets with duplicate strips to allow the raffle to go smoothly.

Make sure donors know that their contributions to your organization will be prominently displayed. This will generate publicity and encourage people to spend more.

Make sure you have printed sets of rules and place a copy on every table at the event.atlanta-poker-charity-events

Print and distribute feedback forms so that guests can fill them in at the end of the tournament. These should be used to improve future events.

Get in touch with Funtastic Events! This gaming rental company can provide poker tables which accommodate up to eight to ten people. Tables come with professional speed cloths, poker chips and playing cards.

The poker tournament will take around two and a half hours. You need half an hour at the start of the event for reception the latter half of which should be a talk about your organization and recent events affecting it.

Then let your Emcee or Pit Boss set out the rules of the poker tournament and explain when the raffle and/or auction will take place. Enjoy your poker charity event.


Atlanta Casino Rentals – In case you have a real sweet taste for gambling, it is advisable for you to consider casino party rentals as your theme.atlanta casino rentals

Sometimes you may be worried whether or not the parties are legal and if you can into trouble for considering them.

However, in the US there are some different states where casino nights are allowed though there are some stipulations on what should and should not be done during the parties.

Most of the casino rental companies have one major rule that should be followed all the time during the gambling process. No one is allowed to exchange any real currency on the gambling table no matter the case.

Casino Fun Parties are not allowed to give or award cash to their winners. The players who win should be awarded either by a gift or a prize from their host to make it legal.

Most Atlanta casino rental companies require a deposit in advance and the rest of the payment due at the end of the party.

In case there is a dealer you would like to tip it is allowed though not at the gambling table. You can tip any player as long as you casino party rentalsare not doing it at the gambling table since it is considered illegal.

Most casino dealers prefer cash. Giving the casino dealer chips is not really a tip at all.

If you want to include tips for all the dealers, you may just add it to the balance of the payment. The person in charge during the casino night will be responsible to dole out the money to tip each of the dealers. You do not have to tip any dealer since it is not a requirement, though they are greatly appreciated.

The cost will always depend on the type of table you choose for your event and the distance between you and the casino party company.

Tables vary in prices and you can be free to choose any table that suits your pocket. You will be in a position to give your guests the best party of their lives when you consider hiring casino rentals for your event.


Have you been looking for an exciting and enjoyable activity for your next company Christmas party in Atlanta?

We have a lot of entertaining group activities that you can do for your Atlanta Christmas party or for a business entertainment event.

Planning your Christmas Party in AtlantaAtlanta Christmas Party

Preparing for a company Christmas party during the holiday season can be overwhelming and can take a lot of your time. You need to come up with plans for your group, but you just do not know where to began.

You know you do not want to do the same thing every year, but you have to take into consideration your budget, venue, the size of the group and group dynamic.

We know the importance of having a solution that will bring people together to have fun and socialize. Luckily, we have a broad range of activities that you can use for any Atlanta Christmas party.

We have been helping make company Christmas parties, nonprofit events, subdivision parties and holiday gatherings successful for more than two decades now.

We’re certified in coming up with fun activities for any venue, any group size, dynamic or any location. Our entertaining activities can also fit into your budget you may have.

Our activities get people involved in the party, frequently taking pictures and videos during the party so you can remember the wonderful times that you had.

Atlanta Christmas PartiesChoosing a Christmas party in Atlanta

Our variety of Christmas party activities that are available in Atlanta fit into many various themes like a James Bond theme, Casino Royale theme, Hollywood stars theme, Country Western Theme, and other Atlanta casino party themes.

The first step when choosing an activity for your party is to make a decision on a budget and a theme.

Then, give us a call and will give you options of quotes to fit the number of people that will be attending and your budget.