Your team did a fantastic job at our surprise 50th Birthday.

Darrin showed up on time to start setting up. Jan and Bruce arrived, introduced themselves and were ready to start the night as the first guest arrived.

The personalized fake money was a nice touch!

Our guests were both new & experienced at Blackjack & Craps and they both commented on how much fun they had.

One guest mentioned that Bruce remembered everyone's name!

I'll be sure to recommend Funtastic Events to anyone looking for a great addition to their party.
Thanks Again!

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Hosting a casino party in Atlanta is not difficult, as people tend to speculate or purport it to be.

In fact, people that tend to say this are those that try to host a party without knowing or being familiar with the critical details associated with it.

Yes, you have guessed it right! The secret to holding a successful casino party in Atlanta is through proper planning.

With the planning, one has numerous options to consider when making plans for a party in Atlanta. First and foremost, you are required to have a budget set, which will play a key role in determining what type and size of a party you are going to hold.

The budget is what defines the venue; food and catering services and which place you can rent to hold the casino party.

Before you get to the three above elements, you should know why you want to hold the said party.

With typical reasons such as birthday parties, fundraising, wedding receptions, etc., there are many places in which the party can be held in also including the extravagance associated with them.

Birthday parties only require little decoration at the venue and catering services while a fundraising party one might hire a live band.

With this information in mind, you must thus choose a venue that befits the occasion.

Casino venues in Atlanta usually are fully booked thus one is required to make early bookings, prior months to the selected date.

Once the venue has been handled, you can now move forward to plan chose the theme set for your party.

A theme assists your guests in deciding what to wear to the occasion. With a theme in mind, then you can decorate the place accordingly.

After this, then you can plan for the food and entertainment.

With casino parties, people expect good food and proper entertainment so you should have this in mind when making choices regarding these two aspects.

With food, you should ensure that there is plenty to eat and drink. When it comes to a casino party, food is supposed to be plenty, and one should not be worried about either of the two running out.

Entertainment should also be in line with the theme of the party being held, for instance, clown shows for a birthday and lives bands for a fundraiser.

With simple steps in mind, you are guaranteed to hold a successful casino party in Atlanta.


50th birthday is the most fulfilling of all birthdays! You’ve made it! You have gone this far! You have done a lot casino party rentals atlantathrough these long years and is excited to go through more in the coming years ahead. Celebrate it with friends and loved ones in a most memorable party imaginable. There are lots of party themes you may consider, choose the best.

Family Birthday Party with Relatives. Is one good idea for a 50th birthday party. Celebrate this special day with you family and relatives and close friends. The idea is to make it like a grand reunion of loved ones who don’t see much of each other over the years. Create and album or scrapbook for this memorable day.

Lingerie Party. A pajama party for you and your close friends is another way of celebrating your special day. Let your guests come on their best lingerie and feel sexy for the party. Plan games and talk shows with dating, marriage, sex life and relationships as your discussion topics. Talk about possibilities for age 50 and your expectations with your invited guests. This theme makes it more fun and will spice up your 50th golden year.

Science Fiction. A 50th birthday party themed as a science fiction movie is very ideal for you who are an avid science fiction movie fan. Let your guest act out scenes from your chosen science movies, do trivia contest after letting your guests watch your favorite science fiction movies and dress up of course for fun.

casino party rentals atlantaCasino Party. Casino themed party for your 50th birthday is another great idea especially when you are a frequent casino player yourself. Even if not, you will surely like and enjoy a new way of celebrating your special day. You can even do the 50’s Casino Party theme. Dressing up your guests and decorating your venue like a true casino with the games like the blackjack, roulette, craps and poker. There are stores that sell and even casino party rentals in Atlanta that has tables and other decorations for such occasions. There are casino party companies that can run your party for you. This would make your day more meaningful and fun. Enjoy our birthday with friends and family in casino themed party of your choosing without you being stressed out to prepare it.


From the glitz of Las Vegas to the elegance of Monte Carlo, a casino themed party can dress up and step out on thecasino-party-rentals-atlanta town for any prom or formal. It also can go as casual for weekly poker night or a birthday party for a card shark. No matter what’s in the cards for you, Shindigz has all the decorations, supplies, favors and more that you’ll need. Get the fun going the night of the event with personalized poker chips featuring a photo of the guest of honor or a message about your event.

Casino theme parties, proms, birthday celebrations, neighborhood meet and greets, office parties, and other celebrations can shine like the Vegas Strip with these exciting casino party rentals & decorations in Atlanta. Order personalized beverage napkins to commemorate the special event. Deal out playing cards that look like stacks of casino-party-rentals-atlanta$100 bills. Decorate table tops with stacks of colorful dice and hang a personalized banner across the entrance or main playing room to make it look like a real casino. Casino party supplies rentals are easily accessible like casino visors, poker chip plates, and playing card confetti make the party as real as possible. Create the illusion of an authentic casino with dice, centerpieces, drink tumblers, play coins, casino chip party favors, and so much more. Serve delicious chocolate poker chips or stuff creative dice-shaped boxes with other goodies and treats for your guests to enjoy on casino party night.


Why have a Casino Themed Party?

A casino themed party on any event allows you to create famous casino scenes that can be seen in many James Bond movies. It would be a party of class. It would be an ultimate game night for your friends and family.casino-party-rentals-atlanta

Your guest will dress up to impress each other and show off their own styles. It will be a casino type party that would bring people together and show up on their best suits and glamorous gowns. You may set the party in a more classic or vintage theme or even inspire your guests to spiced things up a bit. The mood would be festive and everybody will have a great time. The room will have chandeliers and waiters will make the round and offer pastries and drinks.

You should get the services of the best and finest company that caters casino themed parties. Those that would make it a memorable night. With lots of games like Blackjack, Craps, roulette and Poker. A party designed to make you and your guests feel like they are in a real casino complete with the excitement of winnings and a chance to mingle with old friends and maybe make new ones among the invited guests of the celebrant.


Employees are sometimes unappreciated for the hard work they do every single day. Most of their time is spent casino-party-rentals-atlantaworking and less on any other activities. Well employers should set a day of appreciation. Celebrate their efforts and loyalty to the company. Boost their moral and inspire them to be the best.

Celebrate with Food. Show your appreciation by taking your employees out to lunch in a nice fancy restaurant or have lunch brought in. you may also plan for breakfast celebration in the office or a creative afternoon snack with activities to liven up the moment and live music.

Give a Gift. You may also consider giving gift like a gift card from a nice establishment. Or if your team likes to stay active, you may want to give them fitness trackers or if they are techie Microsoft gift card or mouse. Whichever it may be, don’t forget to share something you appreciate about each of them when you present their gift.

Give them the Time Off. Give your employees a paid time off to show your appreciation. You can make it a creative one like letting them choose which day they want to leave early or take off. This way, the employee can use such day for an important event with his or her family.

Team Building Outing. Make a list of possible team building event that is within your budget and then have yocasino-party-rentals-atlantaur employees choose which they prefer. They may choose cooking team building event or challenge them in an ice skating rink for the afternoon complete with food and drinks. They will feel appreciated and enjoy their time together building them up as a team.

Fun Night in a Casino Themed Party Event. Casino party night might also be a great idea of showing appreciation. Let them enjoy their night with each other’s company and at the same time perk up their excitement with games like blackjack and poker. This casino themed party can bring up their competitive side liven upon their lives for even just a night.


Your birthday is the day you want to remember most. The way you celebrate it depends on how you perceive your life to be in the coming year to come. A chance of turning on a new leaf, cherishing the old memories and looking forward to the new ones.

Your 50th birthday marks your golden years and need to be celebrated in the most spectacular way possible. Plan a themed party that suits you and your friends and family. A themed party that you think would be a hit to your guescasino-party-rentals-atlantats and makes the party more successful. A themed party whether celebrated in garden or backyard or an elaborate sit-down dinner makes is more easier to plan as long as you keep focused on your selected theme.

A Nostalgic Outdoor party. Celebrating your golden year in an outdoor party with elegant chairs scattered under hundreds of sparkling lights. Making gold as the motif of the evening. With candles on a golden holders. A three or four tiered birthday cake surrounded with golden cupcakes. Glamour up your party with golden settings everywhere. From the candle holders to the golden mirror or the vase that holds the bouquet of your favorite blooms. Every details of the party decorations is an opportunity to shine and make it a memorable 50th birthday party.

Over-the-Hill themed party. A 50th black out party with the color black commemorating the passing of youth. Infuse black in the decorations and contrasting it with the other colors brings out a magnificent effect. You may also add silver and gold to your black theme to create a dramatic effect

A Mock Funeral party. Another unique theme for a 50th party is a mock funeral party, guest may be asked to wear black as a mourning of the passing of the celebrant’s youth, Decorations may include gravestones as a cake and other funeral effects.

casino-party-rentals-atlantaA Reflection of the Golden Years. A themed party where you provide a memorabilia of the memories of the past years. May it be hanging up old photographs in a key spot to highlight the party or lining up the tables with personalized candles and pretty flowers.

A Casino Themed party. Celebrate this memorable day with what he or she loves most. You may have a celebration on this theme with all the decors that may be rented out or have a company for themed parties do this for you. Make your party come to life with gaming tables and other stuffs in their perfect fun filled place.

It is a challenge to celebrate your golden wonderful years. Just jive the theme with the personality of the celebrant. Ones the theme has been set, arrange the décor around that idea and plan the menu.

The most important thing is to consider everything to make your celebration a memory that last a lifetime.


When hosting a casino party in Atlanta there are many options to consider.


 The budget you set will help to determine the range of options available. You can have a low-budget event without the extras or a high budget event where price is no limit. The range for a casino party will typically be around $35 – $150 per attendee.

The three major costs will be your venue, food/drink and casino party rentals.


The reason why you are having your event will often determine where you are going to have your event and how extravagant your party will be.

Here are some typical reasons to have a casino party in Atlanta:

  • Corporate Holiday Party
  • Fundraiser
  • Vendor Appreciation Party
  • Birthday Party
  • Sales Meeting
  • Wedding Reception
  • Fraternity/Sorority Event

For example, a major fundraiser will often include a complete sit down dinner at a hotel and high quality entertainment, such as a band.

On the other hand, a typical birthday casino party will include minimal decorations, food catered from a local restaurant and held at a local clubhouse or in someone’s home.


The next option is your venue. Depending on the size of your party, you may choose to have your event in a community clubhouse, hotel ballroom, special event facility, Veterans building (such as AMVETS or American Legion) or a country club.

The venue should be booked several months in advance.


Adding a theme to your event will help make your party stand out. Many themes, such as Mardi Gras or Roaring Twenties, allow your guests to dress up and express themselves.


The décor you choose will often follow your theme. The decorations can be homemade, bought online or at your local Party City store.


The food for your party should follow the theme of your event. The major rule of thumb is not to run out of food or drink. People expect great desserts at casino parties, such as lavish cakes, confections and cupcakes.


The casino table rentals are often the only entertainment needed, unless you are hosting a large fundraiser. Background music or a DJ may be added to spice up your party.